About us

Pure Diffusion is a Fashion Import Company & Agency founded by Anouck Van der Tuyn and Christophe Dens.
Since 2000, we offer the Benelux retailers a very broad variety of trendy and luxury brands. We are a showroom that stands out among all others due to our experience and professionalism but also because our company can be considered an expert in advising our customers about all the newest trends on fashion related markets.

Our beautiful showroom (1200m², 3 floors) is located in the Belgian heart of fashion, namely Antwerp. In 2009 we decided to start Premium Goods to structure our brands' offer. Our 3 different floors allow us to present our products according to each brand’s  style and target.

The key to our success is that we advise and help our customers in a personal way, keeping in mind their specific needs and interests. Our team’s thorough knowledge of the market has helped build a wide portfolio of clients and we are proud to collaborate with the most exclusive shops throughout the Benelux.
Furthermore we take care of our brand’s  PR as well as of our own logistics (400m² warehouse).
We find honesty, loyalty and the building of long-term relationships with our partners (brands as well as retailers) of the utmost importance.